College is a time when students exercise increasing independence, encounter new ideas, and reassess the values they were taught. The collegiate ministry staff reaches out to students at this pivotal time with the life changing love offered by Jesus Christ. Methods for connecting with and reaching the lost include:

  • Assisting new students during registration
  • Sports feasts
  • Providing lodging in ministry apartments
  • Evangelistic parties
  • Film showings
  • Invitations for friends to join ministry activities
  • One-on-one witnessing

Christian professors, ministry interns, local and foreign missionaries, older students and committed volunteers provide the workforce to evangelize, establish and equip students to be the next generation of disciple makers.

For further training, students and recent graduates may attend a summer training program. The programs provide an environment away from the hustle of daily life for intensive training in discipleship, ministry skills, and exposure to other Christian perspectives. The summer training program has challenged many young men and women to pursue discipleship and disciple making as a lifestyle.