Ministry Sectors

Malls, computer shops and cell phones, even in a third-world country, create many distractions and temptations for the youth. Dysfunctional families warp the sense of normal in young minds. It is important to reach the youth with the message of God’s loves as early as possible.

Numerous approaches are used to reach out to high school students. In cases where a REACH member is a school teacher, a natural link to the students is established since Filipino culture still respects the authority of teachers and elders in society.

Teachers have increasing freedom to inject values and spiritual inputs in class. They also invite students to after school fellowships and Bible studies where students learn to find security in Christ and with one another.

Evangelistic film showings and values seminars on campus or in a REACH member’s home have introduced many young people to Jesus Christ. Interactive sessions help instill the main point of each lesson.

Home visitation introduces the ministry and workers to the parents. A highlight of each year is the annual high school summer camp, which mixes fun with further teaching and allows students to develop new friendships with students from other ministry areas.