Contextualized Bible Study Materials

Too often, Bible study materials used in the Philippines are merely imported from the West. Some of these may be translated into Filipino dialects, but they do not connect to the Filipino at the heart level. Therefore, REACH felt an urgent need for materials written by Filipinos for Filipinos, that incorporate their rich heritage to convey discipleship principles.

Within this framework, REACH developed the Discipleship Family Series. It is a progressive book series that facilitates a new Christian’s growth to discipleship. Each book in the series is bilingual (English and Tagalog) and has a question-and-answer format based on a Biblical passage. Each chapter has a two-part study with a main study focused on the passage and a complementary lesson as a special study. Memory verses serve as key lessons for each chapter, cultural observations entitled Good News for Filipinos, and thought-provoking quotations and illustrations are included.